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Taxation Services

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We offer an entire scale of customized outsourcing taxation services to customers. We provide tax preparation and tax consulting. Our Outsourcing Taxation Services are not just about cutting costs and increasing the efficiency of customers’ tax procedures but more importantly about expanding business value.

Our accountants in the Philippines have extensive experience in tax preparation and reporting, handling tax compliance workload and meeting taxation return filing deadlines. Our team is equipped with updated accounting software to help us provide quality solutions.

Our team undergoes continuous training to ensure that they stay up-to-date with different tax laws and regulations and can easily familiarize themselves with any customer-specified software.

Taxation service process

Step 1: Client sends us the scanned documents by uploading them to server or forwarding it to our accountant’s secured email.

Step 2: Our accountants enter the data into the software of client’s choice. The figures entered is then audited for accuracy.

Step 3: The returns are communicated to the client for review.

Step 4: Client reviews and finalizes.

Step 5: We update the tax file and send client a final copy for filing.

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