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Millennial Accountants

Approximately 80 percent of UAT employees are millennials. What does this mean for the company? Studies have shown that millennials have a different mindset when it comes to work. This poses a potential problem because the unconventional ways in which millennials work may not sit well with their older counterparts. Their “lack of loyalty,” for … Continue reading

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4 Reasons Why Your Start-Up Business Needs an Accountant Pronto!

Have you ever tried building a tower of popsicle sticks when you were a kid? Remember how you’d have to set a stable foundation at the bottom if you wanted to make a really tall tower? Well, it’s the same thing when you plan on running a business. To achieve greater heights and gain growth, … Continue reading

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How Accountants help with Business Strategic Planning?

Accounting is a broad discipline that includes many functions, and a management accountant supports a company’s strategic planning activities. Accounting is known as the language of business, but the audiences to whom accountants speak include external stakeholders, like government agencies, as well as internal ones such as corporate executive officers. Since corporate leaders rarely conduct … Continue reading

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The game changer

As a result of being long time professional CPA and an accomplished entrepreneur, I have learned, with utmost certainty what makes a solid foundation for an effective business: Get your ACCOUNTING right In discussions with clients, CEOs and owners, they often mention the problems they have with their businesses. In most cases, it is the … Continue reading

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Accuracy is everything

When it comes to achieving the real potential of your business, your financial reporting must be 100% accurate. If you have trouble trusting your current accountant and little time to supervise, Unified Accounting & Tax is here to help you put internal controls in place. We have the process and practices you need to have … Continue reading

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