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6 Accounting Tips For Startup Businesses

Starting your own business is something many people dream of. But this also means greater responsibility on your part in the different aspects of the business startup. In terms of accounting, you need to ensure that your finances are on the right track. Consider the following accounting tips: Establish financial goals. You need to establish … Continue reading

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Accounting, Technology and Time

Time is a comfort that most accountants do not have. Yes, technology has made it so that work is more efficient and thus can be delivered faster. But, to the detriment of accounting firms, clients know this fact. Now what happens is they expect to pay cheaper fees because they know work is relatively easier … Continue reading

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2019 Accounting Trends

it’s quite impossible to accurately predict what’s going to happen in this fast-paced industry but you can spot patterns in the accounting trends that have surfaced over the past 12 months, which you can use to improve your firm practice this 2019. Here are some key trends we should watch out for: Trusting the CloudThe … Continue reading

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The 6 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Business Accounting

Have you ever considered outsourcing your accounting but have second thoughts about it? The following benefits that you can get out of outsourcing your business accounting may help you make your decision: You can save time. As a business owner, you have your hands full. Management responsibilities are waiting for you. Your main function is … Continue reading

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Millennial Accountants

Approximately 80 percent of UAT employees are millennials. What does this mean for the company? Studies have shown that millennials have a different mindset when it comes to work. This poses a potential problem because the unconventional ways in which millennials work may not sit well with their older counterparts. Their “lack of loyalty,” for … Continue reading

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