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Starting a Business? Here are 5 Accounting Tips You Should Know

You’ve got your product and/or service ready. Your business operations are all running as they should. And even your paperwork has been done and over with. It’s fairly understandable that you’re excited to launch your business venture, but how fares your accounting and finances? Before you take a full dive into the industry, you should … Continue reading

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How to Overcome and Prevent Cash Flow Management Problems at Your Start-up

It should come as no surprise that running out of money is one of the top reasons why new businesses fail. Keeping money in the bank can be a pivotal challenge for a new business. If you aren’t strategic with your cash flow, then it is like you are trying to row a boat without … Continue reading

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Why Small Businesses Need to Outsource Their Accounting Services

How many administrative tasks are you responsible for on a day-to-day basis with your business? If you aren’t running a small financial services business, chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed by the accounting requirements that a business of any size feels. It only gets more complicated as your business gains traction. One of the most important … Continue reading

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5 Easy Tactics on How to Save Money – Millennial Edition

What is common to many millennial is the burning desire to fulfill dreams and aspirations. This fire is often coupled with aggressiveness and ingenuity. Older generations may see it as a rebellious trait, but in truth, the young ones just want to spark change and create a solid image for themselves. If you belong to … Continue reading

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Effective Outsourcing with Unified Accounting & Tax (UAT)

A Growing Business I’m the VP Controller of Zumper, the largest residential rental booking site in the United States that aims to help people find their next home as easy as booking a hotel. As the VP Controller, I oversee accounting, cash management, financial reporting and tax compliance. As anyone with an accounting background would … Continue reading

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