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3 Great Tips on Running a Company Remotely

We live in an era of innovation and infinite possibilities. Today’s ambitious leaders in all fields and the technology made available to the public make for previously unthinkable feats of ingenuity, leadership, and motivation. In other words, if you want to do something, you have an insane number of tools at your disposal to do … Continue reading

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Why Outsourcing AR Collections and AP Processing Will Change Your Business Life

Many owners of small businesses find themselves managing their own Accounts Receivable collection and Accounts Payable processing, or delegating employees to do it instead of focusing on their primary roles. Valuable and scarce human resources being spent on tasks that have an indirect relation to the company’s products or services is a position that is … Continue reading

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11 Reasons why outsourced accounting is better than in-house accounting

For some organizations, turning over vital business functions, such as accounting, to a third party can seem daunting. Executives need to be well informed about outsourcing arrangements and processes in order to truly recognize the value and benefits of hiring third party experts to manage day-to-day functions. Here are some examples why outsourcing your accounting … Continue reading

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The Power of Auditors in Accounting Technology

Computer applications and other electronic devices have penetrated most of the integral parts of a business, including information infrastructure, cybersecurity, finance and accounting, and the like. With the combination of hardware and software platforms, whether in-house or commercially developed, Information Technology (IT) is an edge considered by market leaders in attaining profit and a basis … Continue reading

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3 techniques to protect your clients from tax season scams

Make sure your customers know how to recognize and avoid a scam. With the level of complexity rising in phishing schemes, it is vital to remind your clients of what red flags to look for. For example, remind your clients of the following when it comes to email phishing schemes:      Criminals may pose as a … Continue reading

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