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Cash Flow Management

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Cash flow management or cash flow forecasting is a tedious and cumbersome process that requires great dedication and precision of information. Some businesses might not have these capabilities in-house and may want to focus on strengthening other key areas of work. Outsourcing your cash flow management is a smart alternative for these situations.

We will first work on understanding your projected sales, expenditures, and existing commitments. We then analyze different components such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit terms, credit policy, and inventory to identify problematic areas.

Based on this exercise, we can provide you with:

Cash flow planning
This involves forecasting all cash inflows for your business and analyze the timing of these expected payments in detail. Our team prepares exhaustive monthly cash flow projections, which help you in business planning, budgeting, and fund raising.

Cash flow budgeting
This helps you predict cash inflows and outflows over a period of time. This exercise will help you take steps to ensure that any gaps between inflows and outflows are narrowed.

Our cash flow management is convenient, functional, cost-efficient and comprehensive.

Services Offered
We offer cash flow management to different clients with specific needs. Our comprehensive cash flow management solutions include:

  Predicting cash flows
  Managing cash flow on a daily basis
  Managing financial risks
  Reviewing and analyzing expenditures on banking services
  Negotiating contracts for financial and banking services
  Managing fraud control programs

Our ability to accurately understand different businesses and handle various projects effectively at the same time has set us apart.

Call us now and let us manage your cash flow.

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